Tent & flooring

Do you need a tent and floor to your stand you can order it from us. Certain products may run out, limited amount.

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Plastic floor (KVM)

Plastic floor (pris per KVM)
106,00 kr excl tax

Tent 6x3x2,3 m (white)

Tent 6x3x2,3 m (pris per white)
5.313,00 kr excl tax

Popup tent 3x3x2,5 (UNIT)

Popup tent 3x3x2,5 (pris per UNIT)
6.250,00 kr excl tax

Popup tent 6x3x2,5 (UNIT)

Popup tent 6x3x2,5 (pris per UNIT)
7.500,00 kr excl tax

Tent 10x10x3 (UNIT)

Tent 10x10x3 (pris per UNIT)
18.750,00 kr excl tax

Tent 10x15x3 (UNIT)

Tent 10x15x3 (pris per UNIT)
25.000,00 kr excl tax

Tent 10x20x3 (UNIT)

Tent 10x20x3 (pris per UNIT)
31.250,00 kr excl tax

Other size of tents

Other size of tents
0,00 kr excl tax

Top tent 5x10x2,5 (UNIT)

Top tent 5x10x2,5 (pris per UNIT)
15.000,00 kr excl tax